Akhaura Info Foundation

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Founded: 11 September, 2009

Address: Sharkar Plaza (2nd floor), Sharak Bazar, Akhaura, Brahmanbaria-3450, Bangladesh.

Phone: +880 1723-609080

Phone: +880 1733-166817

Email: [email protected]



Our Projects
  • aiflab

Welcome to Akhaura Info Foundation

Akhaura's most well known nonprofit social, rural and education development organization. Founded in September 11, 2009 in Akhaura, Brahmanbaria Zilla.

We had arranged several program and campaigns including educational trainings, software donation, social activities like medicine donation, tornado attacked areas food and medicine donation, free of charge domain registration, website design and web hosting donation for nonprofit and charities.

We been started our work in Akhaura Upazila and expended it to whole country in these several years. Now we are arrange campaigns in 7 divisions in Bangladesh. Including web based trainings, video tutorials, social network activities etc.

We been arranged joint campaigns with several other nonprofit organization in the past few years. Including Eid clothe distribution, medicine donation, educational papers and pen donation, school uniform for poor children's.

We are trying to help everyone... Check out who's behind us:
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